Greatest Hits

by Gorgon

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"Greatest Hits" is Gorgon's first demo
Recorded 10/21/2013 at The Rock Room
Download comes with high resolution album art.
Released by Stickshift Recordings


released October 31, 2013

Kelly - Bass/vox
EA - Guitar/vox
Amanda - Drums/Vox

Recorded and Mastered by Kelly at Stickshift Recordings.
Album Art by Alyssa at Stickshift Recordings.



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Gorgon Vermont

Gorgon is a three-woman punk rock band from Vermont. Kelly plays bass, EA plays guitar, and Amandaa plays drums.

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Track Name: Hangover Dreaming
Is there time before this crumbles to figure out the way to go?
I don't know if we can make it out of this one alive
Can you read the secret pages?
I'm writing songs between the lines
Jaded soldiers' sullen faces won't teach me how to live my life
Teach me how to live my life!

To swallow your pride is to starve out your soul
I wouldn't tell you unless I knew first hand
It seems I keep on slipping backwards
as I try to crawl ahead
I'm so jaded I've forgotten how to scream

There are some days when I can't get out of bed
All I can do is wish I could remember last night's dreams,
call out of work, explain that I am sick again,
and hope to god that they believe me
Track Name: I Hear Things Are Just As Bad Down In Lake Champlain
I remember back when I lived in the city
And every breath that I took smelled like trash
The smog kept the sun at bay
And we had lights to ward the moon away
And whenever I was hungry plastic food to fill my gut

Sometimes it makes me think about humanity
People shooting people just to see how much we bleed
Poisoning the food we eat and earth and skies and seas
Please don't breed, and we can wipe out our entire species

I turned on the radio while staring at the water
They say I can't even swim today, the red algae's in bloom
And it's 110 degrees from all these toxic cars and factories
And the radio is saying there is a fresh shortage of food
I remember back when I lived in the city
And every breath that I took smelled like trash
And now Lake Champlain? It smells the same
Is it thanks to all this toxic rain?
I'll pass on the fish, and smile at the flash
Track Name: Street Talk
What makes you think I want to hear you speak?
What lends you to believe that
When you exploit my appearance sexually
for your own entertainment
I could possibly take it as
a compliment?

You can fuck off!

I don't want your unsolicited opinion
About how I look or my body
If you can't help but tell me
How much you "want to ride" me
When you walk by on the street
I probably will carve out both your eyes

You can fuck off!
Track Name: Shut Up!
Shut up!
Shut the fuck up!

I don't know what to do no more
Shut up!
Sometimes I wake up on the floor
Shut up!
Shut the fuck up

Can't go outside to day
I don't know what I'd say
I don't know how I'd breathe
Can't you see? Nothing's wrong with me!

Shut up!
Shut the fuck up!